Indiana Continuing Studies Course

I am currently teaching an adult continuing studies course through Indiana University.  I am co-teaching it with a local finacial advisor.  This course is covering the basics of investing and retirement planning as well as the basics of estate planning.  There is a group of about 28 individuals taking the class and it has been a joy to teach.

Teaching this course helps me realize how many misconeptions people have about estate planning and financial matters.  Several class attendees have talked to me after the class, or have asked questions during the class, which make it clear there is a lack of education out there about proper estate and financial planning.  Hopefully this course will prompt the attendees to get their affairs in order and to avoid problems should a crisis occur.

I have also tried to emphasize the importance of considering estate planning a lifetime process.  It is not a one-time event which is then put on a shelf and forgotten.  Rather, they must make sure to review their planning every few years with their advisors to make certain it is still up to date with their needs and circumstances.

If you are interested in attending future offerings of this IU Continuing Studies course it appears it will be offered by IU again in the Spring of 2011.  Contact us or Indiana University's Continuing Studies office for more information.